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Client Review: Redken Color Camo for Men

A client has provided this review for us to share:

On a recent visit to Naj Hair Studio, someone told me about a relatively new product that was supposed to easily and unnoticeably phase out men’s grey hair. I’m an early 40’s

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man, and had little interest in joining my few friends who, after doing supermarket home grey removal, had black plastic shells on on their heads. I’ve always thought they look like Lego men. It’s pretty dumb, but for whatever reason people (including me) seem to enjoy poking a little fun at guys who colour their hair.


Now I don’t really have a problem with grey hair. I think it looks good on the right person. But over the next week or two I decided I’m not quite ready to be old and distinguished. I am starting to look a little older than feel. So I decided to give Color Camo a try. Why not.

It’s a simple 15 minute job in the salon. Becca put me in a smock, combed it through, carefully wiped up any drips, and after 7 or 8 minutes washed it out. That’s it — done. No caps, no foil, no dryer. Easy. I had to laugh — there were several women sitting around with big crazy foil contraptions on their heads, killing time reading magazines while I was done within minutes.


I had some concern that the initial colour was too dark, but (without even asking) I was told not to worry — it might look a little dark while my hair was still wet. Sure enough, after my head dried I was pleased to see the me a few years ago in the mirror, with a surprisingly natural looking head of hair. It’s nice and subtle — I was about 25-35% grey before, and maybe 5-10% after. We took the pictures in bright sunlight to really bring out the grey — in regular light it’s more of a natural and consistent colour.

And while I’m not one to notice these kinds of things, but my hair felt pretty great too. I’m used to a somewhat dry & wiry nest up there — now it was soft and easy to style.

So this was about a week ago. I haven’t noticed any fading as of yet. No one has said a word aside from “Hey, did you get your hair cut?”. (Which no one ever usually comments on, considering I have a pretty straightforward, unnoticeable cut.) The few folks I’ve told (to see if they really did notice and didn’t say anything) have unanimously been surprised and impressed. One person defiantly insisted I was lying, until I showed them my before picture.

So it’s all good. It’s not expensive and I expect to repeat as necessary.

I’ll come back and update this post as it fades over time and let you know how it goes.

Thanks to Naji for helping me take a few years off.

Redken™ Color Camo® for Men is now available at Naj Hair Studio in Wortley Village, London, Ontario.

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